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Limitations of Self-Help Support on SPALS

SPALS strives to stimulate a self-help response. Information provided by subscribers is largely based on personal experiences of bereaved individuals seeking or experiencing subsequent pregnancy. This is not medical advice and it is not professional counselling. Any suggestions obtained from SPALS are based solely on the experiences of individuals who have overcome their own personal challenges facing subsequent pregnancy. We consider this to be valuable support to the self-help process. But, those seeking support should be wary of relying solely on this information for their emotional support.

The SPALS list administrators are volunteers, who provide services in their spare time on an ad-hoc basis. Our list administrators are not professional counsellors. For professional advice or counselling, we urge you to see your physician, professional counsellor, or another health care provider, as appropriate.

We believe that the SPALS mailing list / support group facilitates a self-help response to overcoming the challenges of subsequent pregnancy. Over time, we expect that subscribers participating in SPALS ultimately progress to a point where they no longer require the support of their group -- or perhaps, where their participation in the group is based more on offering support from their experience of overcoming their own personal challenges. The principal expectation of the support group is that each group member will progress, and ultimately deal with or resolve their feelings and issues raised, to the point where overwhelming feelings are no longer controlling their life.

We wish you peace, and a successful subsequent pregnancy.

Medical Information

From time to time SPALS members discuss treatments, procedures and medication associated with fertility and pregnancy. Such discussions are helpful for information sharing and well within the mandate of the SPALS mailing list.

However, while personal experiences concerning treatments, procedures and medication may be shared by other SPALS members, such information is anecdotal and is not medical advice. All SPALS members must be aware that advice regarding the applicability of treatments and procedures, and the proper use of any medication, natural or synthetic, should be obtained from a qualified health professional.

If you receive information or advice from list members concerning treatments, procedures or medication, your should assume it is provided YMMV ("your mileage may vary") and may not necessarily apply to your own personal situation.

Providing Assistance and Support

From time to time a SPALS member may appear to need assistance and support beyond supportive email. All SPALS members should be aware that membership in SPALS is not an assurance of either an individual's identity or personal circumstances. Providing support to another individual is entirely at a member's own discretion -- as is the member's responsibility to satisfy themselves of the legitimacy and propriety of such a need or request.